Digital property management

Manage and track tickets online: full transparency in internal processes through casavi’s intelligent ticket management. Digitize your processes and keep an eye on all properties, including customer communications, from any location at any time thanks to cloud technology.

Property management with our ticket management

The intelligent ticket management module SmartTask allows to create and manage individual ticket and order types. As an administrator, you can thus centrally record incoming customer inquiries as a ticket, involve external service providers, and assign the ticket to the responsible employee. Process your tasks faster, transparent and traceable for all parties involved which significantly reduces the number of frequent requests and further inquiries.

The most important features of our intelligent ticket management:

  • Use predefined checklists for standardized processing of e.g. cases of damage
  • Create internal notes to document each process
  • Mobile working, independant of place and device
  • Conduct and evaluate surveys for quick feedback from your customers

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