Caller ID by telephone connection

Due to the Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) software connection in casavi, your VoIP telephone system connects directly to the casavi interface and allows you to recognize calls. As soon as a call comes in, the corresponding casavi contact overview opens automatically in a new tab. There you can see who is currently calling you and you have all the stored information, such as previous communication history or documents, available in casavi. This means you have everything at a glance.

  • Direct contact overview for incoming calls
  • Fast processing: Thanks to casavi connection, all relevant information are available at a glance
  • No additional costs

Make phone calls more efficient with CTI software connection

Maybe you always ask yourself when you get an incoming call with a number on the display “Who is calling? A customer? A service provider? Or just someone who wants to sell me something?”. These questions can be answered for you in advance with the caller ID function of our CTI software connection in casavi.

Connect your VoIP telephone system to your casavi portal in just a few minutes and see the relevant contact overview for incoming calls directly. We support all providers that provide CTI interfaces, such as:

Save time by processing requests directly with the CTI software

Thanks to the existing functions and interfaces in casavi, you can also process or initiate the caller’s requests directly. For example, a tenant needs a new key and therefore he/she calls you. For this purpose, you can use the SmartTask function in casavi and order the key in just a few clicks during the call. As an alternative, you can also point the caller to the customer portal, where he/she can initiate the request himself/herself. On the portal, the tenant can also view the processing history of the key order. This creates transparency for him/her and reduces your workload, because the tenant no longer needs to call you.

  • Simplify customer communication, including name spelling
  • Initiate requests directly using the SmartTask function
  • Standardization of your work processes

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