Hybrid owners assembly: online and offline

Assemblies „to go“: with casavi Meet you as the property management company have the possibility to hold events such as annual owners assemblies hybrid or completely digitally at any time.

  • From planning to the minutes – easily integrated into the casavi ticket management
  • Any number of participants, minutes of resolutions, automatic counts and representation management
  • Reliable and legally secure in cooperation with VULCAVO
  • Without long journeys you save time, costs and nerves
  • The environment benefits from avoiding harmful means of transport
  • Also external parties can be added easily and time-savingly
  • Independent of your location you can participate in owners assemblies from everywhere

Hybrid meetings with casavi

Hybrid or completely digital owners assemblies are no longer a vision of the future. Within the framework of the current WEG amendment, the legislator created the legal framework for this format. With casavi Meet you make use of these possibilities for your company.

The casavi Meet module enables customers and property managers to participate in form of a video chat in the meeting. Thus, property managers and owners are able to participate in the events independent of their location. This saves long journeys and the results of votes and minutes can be shared easily with everyone afterwards via the customer portal.

Hybrid owners assemblies means that owners assemblies remain face-to-face meetings, but owners have the choice to participate online and to vote that way or to participate in person on site.

Additional features

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