casavi for Real Estate Companies

casavi offers a comprehensive solution for the digitalisation of your housing company. With functions such as transparent, automated process management, a contemporary brand presentation, electronic mailing and the bundling of all communication channels.

Rental management software for housing companies

The digitalisation of processes enables housing companies to increase tenant satisfaction with reduced effort and significantly lower costs. With casavi, holistic digital business processes can be mapped in which tenants, employees and regular service providers are easily integrated. This allows property management to be both more efficient and more customer-friendly.

Tenants are increasingly willing to enter into a digital tenant relationship with their landlord: They see the provision of information and services via electronic channels such as apps as an advantage or even demand it. Tenants expect more convenience, transparency and faster processing of transactions.

Advantages in rental and management

As a housing company, take the initiative with casavi to use this digital proximity to your advantage and establish your reputation as a modern housing company.

  • Create swift and transparent communication between all stakeholders and increase efficiency and employee satisfaction
  • Modern brand presence – app and individually branded online portal strengthen your image as a modern company
  • Reduced workload thanks to automation and modern communication channels

The tailor-made solution for real estate companies

Transparent and automated process management, a modern brand presence, electronic letter dispatch and the centralisation of communications within your properties are the basis of our software. With our flexible packages, we offer you individually scalable solutions that are precisely tailored to your requirements.

casavi for Property Management Companies

Customer Communication

  • Individualised customer portal incl. app
  • Easy CTI telephone connection
  • Broad email integration

Ticket Management

  • Standardised internal processes
  • Hybrid ETV
  • AI solutions for even more efficiency

Supplier Management

  • Integrated order management
  • Direct damage management
  • Communication with service providers

Partner Solutions

  • Connection to ERP systems
  • digital in-house notice board and more
  • Open API interface

What our customers say about casavi

Petra Mohns

Managing Director of GWS GmbH

With casavi, we have managed to simplify and map all enquiries, regardless of their complexity, in one single process. My employees appreciate this form of structured work and their motivation has increased noticeably.

Gregor Zimmel

Managing Director of convival Immobilien GmbH

“Thanks to casavi, we save 3-4 minutes when creating new tickets. The great thing about the transaction and notification types is that you can optimise the query and the mandatory fields. As a result, customers are guided in a focussed manner and, as an administrator, you receive the message you specifically need at the first go.”

Monika Oweger


„STERR GMBH has been in business for almost 50 years. During this long period, many inefficient and analogue processes have become established. Shifting process optimisation towards digitalisation was necessary for all of us, as the old processes no longer work and employees need too much time.”

Ready for casavi?

Are you a tenant or owner?

If your property management uses casavi and you have any questions about it, please contact your property management directly. You will also receive information on your personal casavi access directly from your management.