AI is no longer a dream of the future

In April 2023 alone, >1000 AI tools were published worldwide! This figure alone should be enough to emphasise that AI solutions have become part of our everyday lives.

And there is huge interest on the part of users. The ChatGPT AI has broken all access records since its launch and its amazingly simple design has made one thing clear above all: the technology is here and it works, and it works exceptionally well.

At casavi, we want to be your partner for the usability of artificial intelligence and automation in the property industry. The potential is enormous and not just a dream of the future!

Have messages summarised by AI

A classic example from the day-to-day business of every property management company: a basically simple request is described in an email, but the author wraps it up in all kinds of accompanying text. In practice, several minutes can quickly pass before you realise what the author of the email is actually talking about.

One of the simplest areas of application for current AI solutions is capturing and processing texts, and this is where our first casavi Assist integration comes in: With one click, the AI summarises the incoming email for you and gives you all the important information you need to open the relevant process.

React personally and individually by
one click

It takes more time to write a reply than to read a message. Of course, AI can also help you with this.

With a click in the text window, you can call the digital assistant to your side and have the reply pre-formulated. If you are satisfied with the answer, you can press send directly – of course you can also edit the automatically generated text.

The big advantage: impersonal templates are a thing of the past – the AI responds to the request in a very personalised way. The style of the reply can be customised. Is a formal style important to you or do you value a humorous undertone? The AI can respond accordingly.

The intelligent answering machine with casavi partner MANGBL.AI

The strength of AI solutions is that they can be connected to other systems and thus fulfil completely different purposes. We connect the AI from MANGBL.AI to casavi to answer calls automatically. The caller can describe their request over the phone. Instead of having real employees listen to the call recording later, as was previously the case, the AI automatically creates a ticket in process management (SmartTask) – from here the request can be processed directly.

This means you can easily offer telephone service 24/7 regardless of office hours and concentrate on the actual processing of the case.

casavi for Property Management Companies

Customer Communication

  • Individualised customer portal incl. app
  • Easy CTI telephone connection
  • Broad email integration

Ticket Management

  • Standardised internal processes
  • Hybrid ETV
  • AI solutions for even more efficiency

Supplier Management

  • Integrated order management
  • Direct damage management
  • Communication with service providers

Partner Solutions

  • Connection to ERP systems
  • digital in-house notice board and more
  • Open API interface

The perfect solution for your administration

Software for
property manager

Our software allows you to take the next step in the digitalisation of your business processes with your property management. Simplify internal processes, utilise synergies with other applications and communicate transparently with customers and service providers. Benefit from improved efficiency as well as time and cost savings.

Software for
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casavi is the central platform for the digitalisation of your property management. Transparent and automated process management, a modern brand identity, electronic letter dispatch and the standardisation of communication within your properties are the basis of our efficient software solution.