Online letter dispatch

With the casavi ePost module you connect classical with electronic letter dispatch: from circulars to invitations to the owners assembly to form letters for sending statements: digitize your time-consuming dispatch process.

Send letters online with casavi

Also for property managers with a digital focus the classical letter dispatch still plays an important role: documents such as statements of account, invitations or minutes must also be made available in a timely manner to tenants or owners who are not digitally reachable yet. However, printing and sorting of document batches, enveloping, franking and dispatching of letters unnecessarily employs valuable personnel and ultimately costs a lot of time and money.

With casavi you send your letters directly and online via the SmartPost module and do not lose any time with printing, sorting, enveloping and dispatching or offer your customers directly the digital dispatch as an efficient alternative – the combination of classical and digital possibilities lead to an easy acceptance with customers and employees.

The most important features of SmartPost:

  • Quick (batch) processing and provision of documents as well as automated dispatch
  • Strongly reduced material and process costs: less paper use in bulk mailing and employees have more time for important topics
  • Full transparency at what time and to whom letters were sent
  • 100% reachability of your customers by combining digital and classical letter delivery

Save costs when complying with statutory requirements

  • Strict safety precuations and complying with postal secrecy is a matter of course for us
  • Share your documents as needed with individual persons, groups or entire properties
  • Make statements, group letters, and other form letter content available online automatically and without additional effort
  • Get the consent from customers for electronic correspondence and save postage costs with every serial letter dispatch

SmartPost in use

A short presentation of SmartPost together with Stefanie Manteuffel of City Immobilien: in the video, casavi CEO Peter Schindlmeier shows how to cleverly import form letters into casavi. Look here:

  • Step by step instruction through SmartPost
  • Automated assignment of documents
  • Why SmartPost is the favorite tool at City Immobilien

Additional features

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