Hybrid working at casavi

Flexibility is no longer a nice-to-have; it has become a must-have in the modern working world. We at casavi are facing an exciting challenge: How do we design work so that it fits our lives, rather than the other way around? We believe that work can be anywhere – whether at home, in the office, or in a café. This gives you the freedom to shape your workday yourself, so that you are not only more productive but also more satisfied. At casavi, we have opted for a hybrid working model that perfectly combines the advantages of office presence and home office. Our teams work in Munich, Berlin, and Frankfurt, as well as remotely, contributing to a flexible and dynamic working culture. In this article, we delve into the hybrid world at casavi and show you why flexibility is more than just a buzzword to us.

Benefits of the hybrid working culture

In today’s working world, flexibility plays a central role in the wellbeing and satisfaction of employees. The hybrid working culture, which allows for a balance between office and remote work, has proven to be a true blessing for work-life balance.

It gives employees the freedom to choose their place and time of work, which can lead to a significant reduction in stress. This flexibility allows everyone to create a work environment that meets their individual needs and preferences, which demonstrably boosts motivation and productivity.

Moreover, it contributes to creating an inclusive working environment that welcomes people from various walks of life and promotes equal opportunities. The ability to work from anywhere opens up new perspectives and supports a diverse team by breaking down barriers and fostering participation.

What does hybrid working mean at casavi?

Hybrid working at casavi is flexible and versatile, designed to meet the different needs of our employees. Most of us spend two to three days a week in the office, some the whole week, to maintain direct collaboration and personal interaction.

The rest of the time, we work from home, which allows us to concentrate in a familiar environment and simultaneously improve our work-life balance. Our core working hours are Monday to Friday from 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM.

Additionally, we offer positions with fully remote work contracts to integrate talents into our team regardless of their location in Germany.

Tools such as Google Meet for hybrid meetings, Slack for ongoing exchanges, Confluence for documentation, and Asana for easy task distribution and management, help us to fully exploit the benefits of hybrid working. When we work remotely or from home, we can communicate effectively and coordinate tasks efficiently, no matter where we are.

Yet technology is only half the battle. We rely on openness and transparency so that everyone, regardless of location, feels part of the team. Our culture fosters regular updates and open discussions, making our online meetings more than just meetings. This way, we stay connected and also strengthen our sense of community and innovative power.

In addition to classic business topics, we strengthen togetherness, team spirit, and joie de vivre at casavi through organized events and celebrations. Whether it’s an after-work get-together on our cosy terrace in the Munich office, a fun mini-golf evening in Frankfurt, or a company-wide summer party, celebrating common successes is simply best done together.

We also organise targeted team workshops at one of our office locations two to four times a year. These occasions offer the perfect opportunity for collective brainstorming and focused work on the development of processes or products. The physical presence at team workshops allows for ideas to be exchanged and discussed swiftly, challenges to be identified, and new solutions to be developed together. Physical workshops also enable us to get to know each other better, not just on a professional level but also personally.

The hybrid working culture at casavi promotes flexibility and work-life balance, leading to greater employee satisfaction and productivity. It enables creative and effective teamwork both in the office and remotely, allowing us to integrate talents from everywhere and make our team more diverse. In short, it creates an environment where everyone can flourish and feel comfortable.