Working from abroad at casavi

You would like to work at casavi but live in another European country? No problem! You can work fully remote – like a lot of colleagues in Germany already do. As we are building our brand in Italy and Spain in the course of casavis internationalization, we are looking for talents in these two countries in particular.

This is how it works

Since our offices are currently only located in Germany, you’ll be employed by a employer of record. What does that mean?

Example: If you live in Italy and work for casavi, you are employed in Italy according to the respective labor laws. This means, you are insured there and pay taxes in your home country as normal.

We will support you during the entire employment process and guide you through all administrative steps. Of course, you are part of our team, no matter where you are. Also, you will certainly get the opportunity to come to our offices in Germany to see your colleagues face to face.

“I work for casavi from Italy and although I am not always on site, I can quickly communicate with all my colleagues virtually for all kinds of needs! I have found great willingness from everyone right from the start and this has also made the selection process very easy.”

Annalisa Sales Development Representative Italy

That little extra something for you

Our benefits

  • 40 days workation per year in the EU
  • Flexible and hybrid working
  • Diverse development opportunities
  • 1,000 Euro continuing education budget
  • Online language courses
  • Regular company events 
  • Corporate benefits
  • 30 days of annual leave

Our application process

Three steps to your next dream job

If you have successfully mastered all rounds, the way is clear for your successful start at casavi!


How does hiring through a employer of record work?

For international positions we are working together with an employer of record (EOR). An EOR is an organization that hires and compensates employees on behalf of another company. EORs enable companies to legally work with employees in a foreign country without setting up a legal entity in that country. An EOR helps us to legally and painlessly hire anyone anywhere in the world. This means, the EOR employs the employee on behalf of casavi, ensures compliance according to the local laws and labor regulations, and runs payroll and other HR or administrative tasks.

Why is casavi using an EOR model?

We are expanding to a global market and want to hire people on the ground (without opening a subsidiary yet). Also, we want to ensure compliance with the labor laws and regulations in a foreign country. An EOR model helps us to reduce compliance and misclassification risks of hiring independent contractors.

Who will be my employer?

Your official employer is the EOR for all aspects associated with the compliant onboarding which includes:

  1. Issuing a locally compliant employment contract
  2. Setting up payroll
  3. Local registration of employee with the authorities
  4. Calculating monthly payroll
  5. Payments to the employee (=salary), tax authorities, social security, etc.


Any questions about your employment from abroad? Karolin Hülsmann is your expert for all matters concerning international employment at casavi.

Your contact at casavi

Do you have any questions about our vacancies? Then simply contact us directly. Our Talent Acquisition Team will be happy to help you:

Emaan Niaz, Jelke-Yumi Ysewijn, Lydia Lange, Anna Schubert

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