The casavi marketplace for service providers

The casavi ecosystem with a digital marketplace

The casavi ecosystem now also includes a digital marketplace for service providers. This significantly simplifies the search for new service providers and makes workflows between property managers and service providers more efficient and transparent.

“Improve your eficiency with the casavi marketplace for service providers!”

What is the marketplace?

The marketplace combines service providers from all different trades in one portal. Here you can access new service providers in addition to your usual craftsmen, facility mangers or insurance brokers. The portal finds the right contact person for you in your area. Regardless of whether you need an energy supplier, building insurer or other services, all service segments are covered in the marketplace. With only a few clicks you can easily request offers and compare them immediately. The marketplace also offers numerous benefits for your service providers.

Find the right service provider for every order

Find available service providers in the direct vicinity

Request offers in a fast and uncomplicated way 

Cover all orders in an effective way

Don´t know relay yet?

Thanks to the interaction of casavi and relay, the order management for all aspects of real estate maintenance becomes easier and more productive. The digital collaboration of property managers and service providers standardizes data flows, bundles work flows and makes orders more transparent and traceable.

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