About us

casavi was founded in 2015 with the aim of making communication and service processes in the real estate environment easier, more efficient and more customer-friendly. Therefore, we automate manual and recurring processes, and thus, reduce time and efforts and increase productivity.

For a modern and efficient property management

We bundle the communication between property managers, owners/tenants and service providers via our cloud platform. In this way, we improve customer service, create transparency for the administrator performance, and thus, increase the appreciation for the work of our customers.

Our mission

We pursue the mission of providing the leading platform for networking the ecosystem of a building. Our focus is not only on the protagonists around the building, but also on the technical components and the building environment. This leads to an optimized administration and usage of buildings.
We are open to new approaches and are not afraid to critically question existing structures. As an essential part of our corporate culture, our developments and solutions, we regularly manage to exceed the expectations of our customers – both technologically and economically.

Our corporate culture

Part of our corporate culture is to think outside the box and constantly incorporate new ideas into development – always with the customer and their needs in mind. This does not only result in market-leading concepts and individual, scalable solutions for continuous process optimization and cost reduction, but we also support our customers in acquisition as well as employee recruitment and retention.

Our team

The casavi team comprises more than 100 great employees. At our headquarters in Munich as well as at the locations in Frankfurt and Berlin, we are on site with personal contact persons for our customers.

Our values

This is what we stand for with our team & our platform for property management

We assess new ideas in view of their scalability, try to avoid redundancies in recurring business processes and proactively create corporate growth.

Kristina von Bomhard Product Manager, casavi GmbH

We operate with a high degree of quality, reliability and innovation and are always looking for possibilities to proactively improve our product, our service as well as our internal and external processes.

David Klötzer CTO, casavi GmbH

We work together across all divisions in a spirit of partnership, cultivate friendly cooperation and achieve our goals as a team.

Frank Lax Sales, casavi GmbH

We maintain an open corporate culture and create transparency in processes and decisions with our cooperative behaviour towards customers, partners and systems.

Maria Singh Marketing, casavi GmbH

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