Efficient customer communication with casavi

Standardised communication is the key to success. From email, telephone, apps and letters to the occasional fax, the number of communication channels in the day-to-day work of property managers has steadily increased. It is almost impossible to keep track of everything. With casavi, you get a centralised tool to consolidate all these channels and also establish proactive customer communication in the form of central document provision, FAQs, digital mailing and much more in the customer portal for your customers.

Standardised communication channel
via customer portal

The customer portal in combination with the casavi app is your answer to the challenges for property and facility managers in the context of digitalisation: bundle the various communication channels such as letter, telephone, email and direct messages into one channel and send direct feedback to your customers. This makes it easy for you to fulfil the requirements for transparency, accessibility and flexibility, saving you a lot of time and therefore money.

casavi app

The customer portal is not only optimised for mobile use, but is also available as a service app for Android and iOS – available in the Google and Apple app stores.

  • Free download for tenants & owners
  • Navigation optimised for smartphones
  • Push notifications for important messages, appointments, new documents and changes
  • Damage reports including photos – directly via smartphone
  • Conveniently initiate processes such as key orders, general concerns or questions about the owners’ meeting
  • Can be used at any time and from any location
  • Always up-to-date
  • Provision of individually branded iOS and Android apps if required

Call recognition through phone connection (CTI)

Thanks to the Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) software connection in casavi, your VoIP telephone system connects directly to the casavi interface and enables you to recognise calls. When a call comes in, the corresponding casavi contact overview opens automatically in a new tab, where you can see who is currently calling and have all the stored information, such as the previous communication history or documents, available in casavi. Everything at a glance.

  • Direct contact overview for incoming calls
  • Fast processing: thanks to casavi linking, all information is available on demand
  • No additional costs
MockUp casavi telephone connection (CTI) overview

Everything in view with
e-mail inbox

E-mails are the most important part of daily communication in administrations. With the personal e-mail inbox, you can expand casavi’s global e-mail solution and add your personal e-mail address to your account. This allows you to process incoming e-mails directly via the SmartTask and saves you the hassle of forwarding or switching tools.

  • Personal e-mail inbox to create new processes directly from e-mails or add them to existing ones
  • Connect Google Suite and Microsoft solutions (Outlook) to casavi

Letter dispatch online via casavi

Even for property managers with a digital focus, traditional letter mailing continues to play an important role: documents such as statements, invitations or minutes must also be made available in good time to tenants or owners who are not yet digitally accessible. Printing and sorting stacks of documents, enveloping, franking and sending letters unnecessarily occupies valuable personnel and costs a lot of time and money.

With casavi, you can send your letters directly and online via SmartPost and no longer waste time printing, sorting, enveloping and sending. Alternatively, you can offer your customers direct digital dispatch – the combination of classic and digital options leads to easy acceptance by customers and employees.

casavi for Property Management Companies

Customer Communication

  • Individualised customer portal incl. app
  • Easy CTI telephone connection
  • Broad email integration

Ticket Management

  • Standardised internal processes
  • Hybrid ETV
  • AI solutions for even more efficiency

Supplier Management

  • Integrated order management
  • Direct damage management
  • Communication with service providers

Partner Solutions

  • Connection to ERP systems
  • digital in-house notice board and more
  • Open API interface

The perfect solution for your administration

Software for
property manager

Our software allows you to take the next step in the digitalisation of your business processes with your property management. Simplify internal processes, utilise synergies with other applications and communicate transparently with customers and service providers. Benefit from improved efficiency as well as time and cost savings.

Software for
real estate companies

casavi is the central platform for the digitalisation of your property management. Transparent and automated process management, a modern brand identity, electronic letter dispatch and the standardisation of communication within your properties are the basis of our efficient software solution.