Our partner solutions

In close cooperation with our partners, we offer you the simple integration of various software and hardware solutions with casavi. This gives you the opportunity to expand casavi on a modular basis in areas such as hybrid owners’ meetings, digital property notices, claims management or services.

We see this as an opportunity to utilise potential synergies. Thanks to the open interface (API), casavi can be easily networked with existing software solutions, thus saving duplicate maintenance.

Which partner solution can we support you with?

Easy connection to ERP-Systems

Today, an effective ERP system is essential to ensure the success of a company. Our ERP partners offer comprehensive solutions that enable seamless integration with casavi and thus significantly increase the efficiency and productivity of your company.

Integration of document management

A document management system includes the legally compliant filing, archiving and further processing of all internal company documents. Documents are shared from the DMS to casavi for the external release of documents – e.g. for flat owners, tenants or advisory boards.

Smart Building

Rental and sale

Owners meeting

Insurance brokers

Process automation

Digital Consulting

Metering service provider

Many options thanks to an open interface

At casavi, we see ourselves as a platform for the complete digitalisation of all processes relating to property management: our most powerful tool for this is our API interface, which allows us to link casavi with other systems such as telephone systems, digital building notices or electronic locking systems as required.

Ready for casavi?

We guide you through the digital transformation of your property.

casavi for Property Management Companies

Customer Communication

  • Individualised customer portal incl. app
  • Easy CTI telephone connection
  • Broad email integration

Ticket Management

  • Standardised internal processes
  • Hybrid ETV
  • AI solutions for even more efficiency

Supplier Management

  • Integrated order management
  • Direct damage management
  • Communication with service providers

Partner Solutions

  • Connection to ERP systems
  • digital in-house notice board and more
  • Open API interface

The perfect solution for your administration

Software for
property manager

Our software allows you to take the next step in the digitalisation of your business processes with your property management. Simplify internal processes, utilise synergies with other applications and communicate transparently with customers and service providers. Benefit from improved efficiency as well as time and cost savings.

Software for
real estate companies

casavi is the central platform for the digitalisation of your property management. Transparent and automated process management, a modern brand identity, electronic letter dispatch and the standardisation of communication within your properties are the basis of our efficient software solution.